“When diet is wrong,
medicine is of no use; when
diet is correct, medicine is
of no need.”

–Ayurvedic Proverb


Erik Cutter is Managing Director of Alegría Fresh, headquartered in Laguna Beach, CA. Alegría Fresh designs zero-waste, regenerative organic urban microfarms employing organic soil-based growing systems. Mr. Cutter is also Founder of the Alegría Farmacy, a mobile and scalable integrated carbon negative food production system designed to grow superior produce anywhere, anytime. As a regenerative nutrition farmer, Mr. Cutter has over 35 years experience growing ultra nutrient-rich produce using regenerative organic techniques and is a leading pioneer in developing carbon efficient growing systems that can be deployed over man-made surfaces close to where people live and work.

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Regenerative Chef Loghan Call is focused on creating awareness around the power of food and its ability to heal not only ourselves but our communities and environment. Food is the conveyor of a larger, broader, societal message of connection to nature and understanding how to find balance between the modern world and the sage wisdom of natural systems. There is nothing we interact with more frequently, nor has a bigger impact on our personal health than food; and yet, it continues to be the area where many attempt to spend as little time and money on as possible.

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Dr. Valencia Porter overcame challenges dealing with her own chronic illness and teaches clients and health practitioners how to tap into and integrate multiple healing modalities to create resilient health starting with clean, nutrient-dense foods as the foundation. Double-Board Certified in Preventive Medicine and Integrative Medicine and with additional training in Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, and Environmental Health – she views individual human health as intricately linked with planetary health, advocating for soil health, regenerative agriculture, and non-toxic living.

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Be the change you
want to see in the world

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
- Hippocrates

Social Justice, food justice and racial justice are critical pillars in a healthy society. Setting an example how this works provides an opportunity to change the conversation. Beginning with our mantra that Soil Heath = Human Health = Planetary Health, we can begin to make the world a happier, productive, less divisive and more fulfilling place to enjoy the life-changing opportunities that waking up every morning to a sense of possibility affords.